Albon Engineering Plc is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 1113447.

Registered Office Rochehall Way, Purdeys Industrial Estate, Rochford, Essex SS4 1JU.

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We are committed to creating a better environment through the strategic planning of our business and by continually reviewing our activities, products and services.


Our company manufactures bearing caps and connecting rods for the automotive industry. The related process activities include machining and surface finishing.


These products and processes are not known to cause severe pollution problems, however Albon Engineering and Manufacturing Plc. is committed to: -


Continuous improvement of our environmental performance throughout the organization and its activities by means of an environmental management system, ISO14001, which is communicated, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation.


Seek to utilise technologies, which minimize energy and materials consumption in our product processes. The prevention of pollution by the control of processes, which may have an effect on the environment. Encourage our employees to recognise their responsibilities regarding the protection of the environment.


Comply with relevant environment legislation and regulations and with other requirements to which the company subscribes. Make our environmental policy and objectives publicly available to interested parties upon request and through newsletters, trade publications and the company website.


Honouring this policy will enable Albon Engineering and Manufacturing Plc and its employees, customers and sub-contractors to make a meaningful contribution to the quality of the environment


EMS ISO 14001:2004